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Yoyo@home brings existing distributed computing projects to the Boinc world using the Boinc Wrapper technology.

Yoyo@home is currently running the following sub-projects:

Afbeelding Odd Weird Search
This project is a number-theoretic project which searches for odd weird numbers. In fact, no odd weird number is known. Previous effort
searches up to 1017. The project continues this effort of searching for odd weird numbers up to 1021.

Afbeelding Harmonious Trees
Graham and Sloane proposed in 1980 a conjecture stating that every tree has a harmonious labelling, a graph labelling closely related to
additive base. We do a computational approach to this conjecture by checking trees with limited size.

Afbeelding ECM
ECM is a program for Elliptic Curve Factorization which is used by a couple of projects to find factors for different kind of numbers.

Afbeelding Muon
Muon simulates and designs parts of a particle accelerator. You are simulating the part of the process where the proton beam hits the
target rod and causes pions to be emitted, which decay into muons.

Afbeelding evolution@home
evolution@home represents the first and so far only distributed computing project addressing evolutionary research. It simulates
different types of populations and focuses on the analysis of human mitochondrial DNA. Read the original Evolution@home website for
more information.

Afbeelding OGR
the client and runs OGR work units. This project searches for the shortest Optimal Golumb Ruler of the length 27.
Some virus scanner sometimes false detect the client as trojan (list of known false detections).

You can choose the projects you would like to run by going to the project preferences page.


Voer de onderstaande stappen uit voor het installeren van de client-software.
  1. Download en installeer BOINC
  2. Open BOINC Manager
  3. Voeg een nieuw project toe: Tools -> Attach to project or account manager...
  4. Selecteer Attach to project
  5. Selecteer Yoyo@home, of voer Project URL in:
  6. Voer je gebruikersnaam en wachtwoord in (zie onder voor subteam-info)
  7. Grazen maar!


Mocht je namens Team GP willen crunchen, vul dan voor je BOINC accountnaam het volgende in:

Grutte Pier [Wa Oars]~<gebruikersnaam>

(dus bv. Grutte Pier [Wa Oars]~Gurbe)


Yoyo@home is een officieel DPC-project, maar er zijn geen DPCH-Stats.

Voor de stats zie: DigiK-oz - Yoyo@home


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